Sunday, August 10, 2008

What are "Lil' Huckers" and what does that mean?!

Lil' Huckers

Miniature foam kayakers, or "foamies", have been good clean fun for many people of all ages for quite a while now. I thought my three year old would have some fun one Saturday morning by making a foamie.

Well, it was fun, fun for us to make and even more fun for him to play with in the bathtub, the lake, the waves at the beach, the swimming pool, and the little stream that flows through our favorite campsite. The foamies go just about everywhere with us.

My wife and I enjoy whitewater kayaking and being at the river very much, I think foamies are a great way to introduce our kids to rivers and streams and the fun of boats and being outside.

Of course it could be that I am using my kids as an excuse to play with foamie kayakers myself.


v. in cycling, kayaking, snowboarding, and similar sports, to ride over a drop-off.

We call our foamies Lil' Huckers.

Lil' Hucker foamies will run the wildest rapids on the smallest creek, they will surf the white water of the waves at the beach and each time the action gets a bit out of hand and they flip over they will eskimo roll themselve upright, all by themselves, every time and keep on surfing or hucking the "big" falls.

Each Lil' Hucker foamie is handshaped, handpainted, and individually uniquie. Each Lil' Hucker is one of a kind…just like real river runners.

Thank You for looking at Lil' Huckers! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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