Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lil' Huckers, Who are we?

Lil' Huckers are the premier river toy for children and adults!

As kayakers, my wife and myself take our young children to the rivers on a regular basis and when she and I aren't taking turns paddling, we are introducing them to the different aspects of river running by playing with these great kayak toys!

Our Lil' Huckers have kayaked down some of the meanest drops on the Green Narrows, the have run Big Creek, and even ran the falls at Midnight Hole! They go surfing in Folly Beach, and all over the East Coast and they even go to the rivers of West Virginia pretty often.

Our boys love every minute of their time with these toys and the Lil' Huckers even make it to the bath tub most evenings.

Our 2 year old will not put his down! It goes every where with him! (It may well be the best traveled Lil' Hucker out there!) It goes everywhere with us and seems to have become his best friend.

While having fun and playing with these toys, our boys are learning what holes are, what eddies are, how to read whitewater and how to make their very own rivers/ runs in little streams. At the beach they are learning how to catch waves for surfing and body boarding.

Lil' Huckers are a TON of fun and are a tried and true toy! They are extremely durable (like our 2 year old hasn't done any real damage to ours after over a year!) I think the adults we have sold them to play with them more than the children!

We are currently starting to produce canoes (both white water and flat) as well as rafts.

If you see something you kinda like, or if you don't and want something different, shoot us an email and we can custom build a Lil' Hucker Foamie Kayak just for you!

Our foamies are not made out of wood, they are true to their name, FOAMies. So, order one today and check them out!

Our email is , just let us know what you want!

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